Making Space for God at Home

Sunday morning was a powerful time of worship and prayer. It’s so hard to go home after a service like that, you find yourself yearning to return to His presence.

God created us with a desire for His presence, a desire that should be met every single day, not just on Sunday mornings. While it’s easy to be carried into God’s presence at church with the musicians, lighting, etc., you can create the same atmosphere in your own home throughout the week.

David’s Example Of Private Worship

David sets a great example for us in the Bible. When he was just a shepherd boy, before Goliath, before the fame, before becoming royalty, he began a daily practice of spending time alone with God.

When he was a nobody in the eyes of the world, he knew he was a somebody in God’s eyes. He understood that God was always ready and waiting to meet with him and he took advantage of it.

Through worship and prayer, David sought the presence of God on a daily basis and made Him his source of strength and wisdom. It was this well-established habit of turning to God daily that gave him the courage to fight Goliath.

Because he had learned to direct his attention and focus to the Lord and not his circumstances, he was able to strengthen himself in the Lord later in life when his family was lost and his men were ready to stone him.

David was able to accomplish all that he did and be the great leader that he was because he didn’t wait to meet with God in a corporate setting, but made space for Him on a daily basis in his own personal life.

How To Create A Space For Worship

No matter how you view yourself, God loves you and wants to meet you on a daily basis. It seems easy on Sundays at church, but what can you do to create a space to meet with God when you’re on your own throughout the week?

Start Your Day With Worship

First thing when you wake up, before you check your Facebook feed or reach for the coffee maker, put on some worship music. Whether you blast it throughout your entire house or listen quietly through earphones, let the first sound that you hear when you wake up in the morning be that of worship. Set the tone for your entire day right by welcoming God into your morning routine.

Make A Worship Playlist

Put together a playlist of your favorite worship songs that you will have with you wherever you go. Then, no matter where you are, you can create a space to invite God in by singing songs that you already know and can connect with.

CLICK HERE to access the playlist of songs that were sung this last Sunday.

Play Your Instrument

Not everyone plays an instrument, but if you do, play it for the Lord. There is something special about using your God-given talents to create a space in your world to worship.

It doesn’t even have to be an instrument that you see on stage on Sunday mornings. Pull out your French horn or flute, look up some sheet music online, and play for the Lord. It doesn’t have to be complicated or the latest songs or even the right chords. Simply coming before Him and worshiping with the abilities He’s given is what makes Him happy.

Live A Lifestyle Of Worship

Worship isn’t just about singing, but how the overflow of spending time with Jesus affects how you interact with the world. Your time spent in God’s presence will affect how you treat your family, friends, co-workers, even the people you don’t really like. We worship God when we decide to live a life and use words that glorify Him.

As you go about your week, make space for God and spend some time in His presence. Invite him to transform you and your day by being a part of it.