Divide into pairs. Ask them to take three minutes to interview each other. Each interviewer has to find 3 interesting facts about their partner. Bring everyone back to together and ask everyone to present the 3 facts about their partner to the rest of the group. Watch the time on this one, keep it moving along. 



  • Review the diagram below and talk about the importance of God restoring the vertical relationship which determines how every other relationship is restored.


  • We tend to respond to conflict in one of the three different ways listed below. Which describe you and why?
    • Escape (avoid conflict, silence, emotional withdrawal, relational suicide)
    • Attach (more interested in winning a battle than fixing the problem, gossip/slander, verbal/physical abuse, relational homicide)
    • Peacemaker (walk justly, love mercy, act humbly)
  • How is God's view of conflict different than ours? (Review the following statements and discuss them)
    • Conflict is an opportunity to glorify God.
    • Conflict is an opportunity to serve others.
    • Conflict is an opportunity to be like Jesus.
  • Read Luke 6:36-38. What keys does Jesus give us to mending relationships?



This week, my goal is to use conflict the way God intended - to bring healing to broken relationships.