Announce, 'You've been exiled to a deserted island for a year. In addition to the essentials, you may take one piece of music, one book (which is not the Bible) and one luxury item you can carry with you i.e. not a boat to leave the island! What would you take and why?'

Allow a few minutes for everyone to draw up their list of three items, before sharing their choices with the rest of the group. As with most icebreakers and relationship building activities, it's good for the group leaders to join in too! 



  • Review the diagram below and talk about the importance of God restoring the vertical relationship which determines how every other relationship is restored.


  • We tend to respond to conflict in one of the three different ways listed below. Which describe you and why?
    • Escape (avoid conflict, silence, emotional withdrawal, relational suicide)
    • Attach (more interested in winning a battle than fixing the problem, gossip/slander, verbal/physical abuse, relational homicide)
    • Peacemaker (walk justly, love mercy, act humbly)
  • How is God's view of conflict different than ours? (Review the following statements and discuss them)
    • Conflict is an opportunity to glorify God.
    • Conflict is an opportunity to serve others.
    • Conflict is an opportunity to be like Jesus.
  • Read Luke 6:36-38. What keys does Jesus give us to mending relationships?



This week, my goal is to use conflict the way God intended - to bring healing to broken relationships.