Into the Deep

Into the Deep

What do you get when you combine 350 kids, 200+ volunteers, 106 degree temperatures, and countless gallons of water? An unforgettable, life-changing week for everyone involved!

Reaching Their Hearts

If you ask any of our campers about their week at camp, they’ll probably regale you with stories about hilarious skits, fun pool time, and spontaneous dance parties in the sprinklers. But if you dig deeper, you’ll realize that what truly impacted them is the chapel and devotion messages and the intimate conversations with leaders and friends.

Going Deeper

Our theme this year was “Into the Deep,” focusing on Hebrews 6:19, which declares, “This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls” (NLT). No matter how old you are, life is unpredictable and uncertain, BUT we don’t have to live in fear because we serve a God who gives us hope and equips us with everything we need to thrive in the midst of storms. What are those tools that will guide us through the chaos of life? Salvation, trust, identity, and faith.

This week, your kids learned that God will stay true to His word, even when it doesn’t look like they expected it to. They learned to let go of the “lifeboats” in their lives that hold them back from wholeheartedly trusting God. They realized that God’s promises aren’t too good to be true, and they discovered the power of the Holy Spirit.

The heart response of the campers was incredible. They wholeheartedly desire to draw closer to Jesus and become more like Him. This is why we do what we do. We believe that the kids of City Bible Church have a destiny on their lives and we strive to pour into them, teaching them God’s ways and truths so that they can walk out in their calling.

“Let the Little Ones Come To Me”

Even our toddlers and preschoolers had their hearts shaped at camp. It’s impossible to not be filled with faith when you hear our kiddos share what God spoke to them and see them personalize the messages we poured into them. We may have also taught them how to be a pirate, so if you see a kid running around yelling “Arrr!” don’t be alarmed!


Engaging Their Hearts

So now that you have an idea of what your child experienced at camp, what can you do to water the seeds that were planted? If you ever went to camp as a child or teen, you know that it is a time of heightened emotions and depth. Capitalize on this openness in your child’s heart. Engage with them, hear their thoughts, answer their questions, and most importantly, be available to them when they want to share what God is doing in them. Partner with them to implement daily spiritual disciplines that will encourage them to draw nearer to God. Here are some practical ways to carry this out:

  • Teach them the importance of daily Bible reading and find a Bible reading plan for them to follow
  • Get them a journal and encourage them to write God’s revelations as they read their Bibles

  • Pray with them regularly

  • Start a family devotional time

  • Work with your child to memorize scripture

Your child may be the only one who went to camp, but the whole family might grow deeper and stronger because of the work God has started in them.

We love your kids. We have big dreams for them and want to partner with you to see them succeed in life and serve God with all their hearts.

We also want to sincerely thank anyone who gave a campship. Your sacrifice planted seeds in a child’s heart, and only God knows the impact your act of generosity will have on generations to come.