Is it Well With My Soul?

Part of knowing our God and Savior is knowing a peace that surpasses all understanding, even in situations that should bring great distress. On Sunday we heard the story of Horatio G. Spafford and the song he wrote entitled, "It is Well With My Soul". With God, we have the ability in to declare “It is well with my soul!”

What Is The Soul?

Do we truly understand what we are declaring when we say that? More specifically, do we fully understand what our soul really is?

When asked, most would answer something like “Sure, it is the part of you where your emotions, personality, conscience, morals, and such originate.” And while this is true, it is only partially true. Our souls are so much more than just a part of us. In fact, according to the Bible, they are the whole of us!

Our souls encompass our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - all of these things working together. Our souls are where the Holy Spirit takes up residence and then moves into our whole being to do His amazing transformational works in our whole selves, restoring us back to the original state our Creator intended for us. So much more than our conscience and emotions! And it takes so much more than just peace to keep us well!

How Is Your Soul?

Are you feeling discouraged? Wounded? Confused?

Do you wonder how we got this way? And what is the redemptive answer of hope for us?

As a church, we want to begin to answer these questions. We want to take a look at how we were originally designed to exist and function. You know, the foundation. And from this foundation, see how we were meant to interact with and respond to God, each other, and the material world around us.

We know Jesus Christ came to redeem us. We want to understand that redemption is not just the forgiving of our sins, but the restoration of our souls- our whole beings- so that we can fulfill our original function.

Join us this Sunday as we learn more about what our soul is, what God’s original intent for humanity was, and what His redemptive answer encompasses!