Do You See It?

Do you see it?
Do you see this?
The garden?
Look around.
Open your eyes and listen closely. How would you live this life if I told you that everything you see around you but that ONE thing, was intended to be yours?
Now look again, but look inside yourself.
And ask yourself this thing one thing… what stops you from believing that?
You see, the timeline of life puts us smack dab in the middle of grace.
Smack dab in the realization of Christ’s redeeming power.
However, there was a time in this story when we became complacent.
We shifted our focus and our vision became blurred.
Although everything was still perfect,
we wanted more and we did not stop to turn our gaze to God.
Instead we hid.
We covered our nakedness.
And so began a cycle that hasn’t seemed to stop.
That ONE thing that we come back to.
That ONE thing that leaves us feeling so unsure.
And so as the story would unfold, that decision, our decision, forever changed the trajectory of our being, and we’ve spent our entire lives trying to do whatever we can to make it back to the beginning.
Blurred eyes wide open.
Open to the questions.
Open to the Doubt.
Open to the Disbelief.
It is a cycle that hasn’t seemed to stop.
That one thing we come back to.
That one thing that leaves us feeling so unsure.
That one thing that wrecks our souls.
And so we try so hard to make sense of our nakedness, forgetting that at the moment of our creation he clothed us in his righteousness.
He breathed life into our souls.
He created us in HIS image.
He looked at us and saw us as Good.
Filled with HIS breath,
nothing we had to earn.
It was just given.
You, me, the life center of our humanity in humanity.
So what would you see now, if I reminded you of God’s original intent for humanity?
What if I told you that such a revelation would free your soul and make you fully aware of what you were created to be?
What would you do?
What would you see?
Would your life blossom into a garden?
Would you find yourself living life soul full?
Jesus prayed for Heaven on Earth.
It wasn’t an after thought; it was an understanding that in Him we could somehow experience both.
He gave us both.
And thousands of years later sin is a cycle that hasn’t seemed to stop.
And it is still that one thing that we keep coming back to.
Eternity is written in our hearts.
It’s breathed into our lungs.
And so in some crazy way our soul longs to return to God’s original intent for mankind.
To be ever present with him.
Sanctified and holy,
not by our own merit but his.
We were created to live in a beautiful place side by side with God, in creation, in community, and in his presence.
You are a soul,
a beautiful soul,
good and perfect simply because you were created by Him.
And that is not a temporary concept but an eternal reality.