5 Reasons To Send Your Teen To GU Summer Camp

(Submitted by Dylan Jones - Lead Pastor, Generation Unleashed)

Growing up as a son of youth pastors I can honestly say that I have been to summer camp every summer of my life.


And I love them! Where else can you create an experience where you are away from home, sans electronics, free of distractions, and surrounded by people who are on the same mission as you to encounter God? Only at Generation Unleashed Summer Camp!

It seems that most people agree with me. Their only hangup is the price. But they need to change their perspective. Every year I use the same spiel when talking to students and parents about the price. This is exactly what I say: “Listen, if you raise the money, go to camp, engage in what is happening on the schedule, and you come back home and can honestly say that it was a waste of your time and money, I will personally pay you back.” I have said that to over 2,000 students for 3 different summer camps, at 3 different churches, and not one student has ever come home and said it was not worth putting in the extra effort to raise the money and take the time to go. I understand money is a big issue, but GU Camp is actually a great deal for the price. You won’t find 5-hour transportation, 4-nights lodging, and 3 meals a day for less than $295 at a resort level facility. No way. There just aren’t other opportunities like this out there.

Summer Camp is the premiere week for students and our team, and this is why:

  1. Relationships Grow Deeper and Wider - Relationships are key to a fulfilling and fun life. At summer camp, the time you spend and the things you experience with your friends bring you closer to each other and help to build rich, rewarding relationships.

  2. Clarity - Students get a clearer and clearer picture of their God-given purpose. The bible says that without vision (clarity), people perish. When students get a vision of God and His plans for their life, they live more intentionally, think more clearly, and grow more purposefully.

  3. Healing and Restoration - Summer Camp gives you space and time away to really think about and reflect on life’s situations and scenarios. It also provides a space for us to encounter God, and we believe that when we encounter God, He heals, restores, builds, corrects, and aligns our lives.

  4. Future Calling Identified - Summer Camp causes students to consider their futures, the path their lives are taking, and gives God the opportunity to show them what He has put them on planet Earth to do.

Students Have a Blast - We have so much fun that it is the highlight of the year for many of the students and team. Summer Camp is what we base our year around and I have discovered that a lot of students look forward to it for months.I love GU Summer Camp with all my heart, and I promise that this year will be no different when it comes to impact, effectiveness, and encountering God. Camp is not a babysitting event. It is driven from the Biblical principle set forth in the book of Acts where the disciples had a set place, a set plan, and a goal to wait on God until He filled them with power. Our place is Summer Camp, our plan is to have fun and be safe, our goal is to wait on God until He reveals Himself in truth and power.  

GU Summer Camp is August 21 - 24 at Washington Family Ranch in Antelope, OR, and registration is open now! If you would like to learn more, please go to citybiblechurch.org/generationunleashed. We hope to see your students there in August!