3 Simple Ways To Be An Uncommon Friend

The past couple of weeks we have been discussing how Jesus was an uncommon friend and has called us to be the same. He went out of His way to love the marginalized, setting the example for us. But what does that mean in our everyday lives? How can we be uncommon friends, especially if we are naturally shy or uncomfortable in social situations? Here are three ways that anyone can be an uncommon friend, regardless of personality or natural tendencies:

Open Your Face

Smile. They say that a smile is the universal language of kindness. Everyone understands a smile. So, smile. Let your face be welcoming.

Don’t just go about your day focused on your to-do list. Take the time to notice those around you, especially those commonly overlooked by the rest of society. Even if you don’t utter a single word, just your smile could change someone’s day completely.

Open Your Schedule

In our American culture where time is money, we tend to always be in a hurry, running from one task to the next. But time isn’t only money, time is love, too. Giving of your time is a way of sharing Jesus’ love with others.

Be willing to stop and chat with someone at the grocery store for 5 minutes. Take several hours out of your day to meet with someone. Invite someone to socialize with you that you normally wouldn’t spend time with. Jesus was an uncommon friend because he gave of his time to meet with those in need, like the woman at the well. Open up your schedule and make time to do the same.

Open Your Home

There is no more intimate place than your home. To be invited into someone’s home makes you feel accepted and loved. Show uncommon friendship by inviting someone over for a meal, maybe even Easter dinner. When you invite someone into your home, you invite them into your life and show them that you value them. Opening up your home to them is the same as opening up your heart and loving the way Jesus did.

You don’t have to be brave and outgoing to be an uncommon friend. All you have to do is smile. When you open up your heart to others as Jesus did, you will truly live like Him and share His love with a world in need. What are you waiting for?