The Mothers' Beatitudes

(Taken from Hidden Power of a Mother’s Heart, by Glenda Malmin, CBC Elder, Professor, and Dean of Women at Portland Bible College)

Blessed is the mother whose children freely laugh and play, for hers is the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Blessed is the mother who cries when she needs to but does not lack faith, for she will be comforted.

Blessed is the mother who has a gentle disposition in the midst of a child’s fluctuating emotions, for she will inherit the hearts that have been stilled.

Blessed is the mother who hungers for “a closer walk with Thee,” for she will be nourished and sustained.

Blessed is the mother who is merciful in moments of contradiction, for she will receive mercy in the days that lie ahead.

Blessed is the mother who is pure in heart and in spirit, for she will see God in the eyes of her children.

Blessed is the mother who is a peacemaker in times of storm, for she will be called trustworthy and true.

Blessed is the mother who is disheartened in the journey, for there is yet a future and a hope.

Blessed is the mother who alone can see her child’s potential, for God Himself will be her rear guard.

Blessed mother, rejoice and be glad because great is your reward in heaven.

The journey of a life well-lived is an eventful one. It’s heart-breaking at times and incredibly fulfilling at others. It’s the ‘thrill of victory’ or ‘the agony of defeat.’ It is both costly and rewarding. It is a lifelong journey, for sure, but it is one that will bring much fulfillment as we remain on the pathway in step with and in tune with the voice of our Heavenly Father. Let us go forward in faith and obedience on this journey of life and live it well for the sake of the next generation.


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